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Event Contract / Invoice - Lic. #87640
Direct (760) 801-5256 [email protected]
ATTN: Will Chitwood

Client name: Dancing DJ Productions Address of Event: 1 Market Pl.
Address: 9625 Mission Gorge Rd. STE B2-353 Venue: Manchester Grand Hyatt
City: Santee Zip: 92071 Site Contact: DJ Grande Ph: 760-587-5224
Phone: 619-514-3117 Approx. # of Guests:
Email: [email protected] Time (Start - Stop): 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Date of Event: 1/9/2023 Event Colors:
Event Theme:
Package Summary Silent Disco Rental $850
Sound Package custom $0.00
Lighting none $0.00
Video none $0.0
Add-ons $150
Comments 100x Headsets + 1 receiver Includes Delivery and Pick up.
Discount: 0.00
Total: $1000
Deposit Received: $0.00
Balance Due: $1000
Checks Payable to or Nick Covino

Addendum -Silent Disco Headphones Package”

This addendum is for a rental Silent Disco Headphones” for the event scheduled on: 1/9/2023. Package is made available from, who maintains full dominion and control over the leased items and agrees to lease the “ Silent Disco Headphones Package” for the agreed upon time.

I Dancing DJ Productions understand and accept responsibility of all rented components given to me by . From the time the Equipment leaves the control of until the Equipment is fully returned, the Equipment will remain in my possession and custody for the entirety of the contract period. I have been informed of additional charges which may be made in the event of lost or destroyed rental Equipment.

Terms and Conditions: Loss of or Damage to Equipment . You are responsible for loss, damage or destruction of the Equipment, including but not limited to losses while in transit, while loading and unloading, while at any and all locations, while in storage and while on your premises, except that you are not responsible for damage to or loss of the Equipment caused by our sole negligence or willful misconduct. You are also responsible for loss of use and are obligated for the loss of use of the Equipment during the time it is being repaired or replaced, as applicable. You hereby agree that we shall be subrogated to any recovery rights you may have for damage to the Equipment.


$50 per “Silent Disco” Headphone

$100 for “Silent Disco” Transmitter

Protection of Others . You will take reasonable precautions in regard to the use of the Equipment to protect all persons and property from injury or damage. The Equipment shall be used only by your employees or agents qualified to use the Equipment.

Equipment in Working Order . We have tested the Equipment in accordance with reasonable industry standards and found it to be in working order immediately prior to the inception of this Agreement, and to the extent you have disclosed to us all of the intended uses of the Equipment, it is fit for its intended purpose.

Compliance With Law and Regulations . You agree to comply with the laws of all states in which the Equipment is transported and/or used.

Condition of Equipment. You assume all obligation and liability with respect to the possession of Equipment, and for its use, condition and storage during the term of this Agreement except as otherwise set forth herein. You will, at your own expense, maintain the Equipment in good mechanical condition and running order. All installations, replacements, and substitutions of parts or accessories with respect to any of the Equipment will become part of the Equipment and will be owned by us. Customer may not make repairs to ANY Equipment without our written consent.

Return. Upon the expiration date of this Agreement, you will return the property to us, together with all accessories, free from all damage and in the same condition and appearance as when received by you.

Late Returns. Rentals are permitted for the specified timeframe listed above, any delay upon return will be charged in the amount per day until the full return of all equipment.

TERMS OF DJ/AV/Production/ Rentals SERVICE: will provide the above listed products and services for the time and date listed above, in exchange for the amount in U.S. dollars listed above as balance due, which is to be paid in full day of the event. All payments & deposits are non-refundable. Credit card transactions are subject to a 3% fee. staff will arrive approx. one hour before scheduled start time for setup, (please make aware of any obstacles that might make setup more difficult, e.g.. stairs leading to the setup location, shortage of electrical outlets within 25 feet of setup location) If setup location is to be outside a shading or covering must be provided. Overtime rate is total balance due (above) divided by total hours multiplied by 2. First 30 minutes or more of overtime rate including total amount due must be paid before overtime services begin. Signing of this contract is a commitment that you will be using services at your event. reserves to right to stop services at any time if staff is threatened, assaulted, or injured in any way. is not responsible for any act of God (i.e. flood, fire, or hazardous weather). The client agrees to obtain and pay all fees for licenses, permits, additional electricity, etc. necessary for to complete any the requested services. Cancellation of event within 48 hours of contract start time will require payment in full of above mentioned amount due, if event is not rescheduled including a new signed contract.

Signing below agrees to all payment terms and conditions.
Please sign below or print & mail w/ your deposit to: 3254 San Helena Dr. Oceanside, Ca 92056

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