L.E.D. Video Floors / DJ Extreme
Event Contract / Invoice - Lic. #87640
Direct (760) 801-5256 [email protected]
ATTN: Jim Lennox

Client name: Jim Lennox Address of Event: 1735 Hancock Street
Address: 1140 Wall Street #1656 Venue: Julep Venue
City: La Jolla Zip: 92037 Site Contact: Jim Lennox Ph: 858-442-3687
Phone: 858-442-3687 Approx. # of Guests:
Email: [email protected] Time (Start - Stop): 6:00pm - 11:00 pm
Date of Event: 01/14/2023 Event Colors: Blue
Event Theme: Bar Mitzvah
Package Summary LED Video Floor $5000
Add-ons $0.00
LED Floor Size 20x20
Number of Panels 36
Comments Must have access to venue min of 5 hours prior to doors open for guests
Video Floor requires 4x 20 amp circuits Please make us aware of any stairs or obstacles leading to dance floor location
Total: $5000

Discount: -$0.00
Deposit Received: $1000
Balance Due: $4000
Checks Payable to djextreme.com or Nick Covino
TERMS OF SERVICE: L.E.D. Video Floors / DJ Extreme will provide the above listed products and services for the time and date listed above, in exchange for the amount in U.S. dollars listed above as Total Amount or remaining balance before the start of the event. All payments & retainers are non-refundable. Credit card transactions are subject up to a 3% convenience fee. Tech staff will arrive before event as stated for setup, (please make tech staff aware of any obstacles that might make setup more difficult, e.g. stairs leading to the setup location, shortage of electrical outlets. Overtime rate is 1/10th of "total amount" per 30 minutes exceeding contracted timeframe. Overtime must be authorized by contractor or designated agent in writing. Signing of this contract is a commitment that you will be using LED Video Floors services at your event. L.E.D. Video Floors / DJ Extreme reserves to right to stop services at any time if tech staff is threatened, assaulted, or injured in any way. L.E.D. Video Floors / DJ Extreme is not responsible for any act of God (i.e. flood, fire, or hazardous weather). The client agrees to obtain and pay all fees for licenses, permits, additional electricity, etc. necessary for tech staff to complete any the requested services. An area of 10 feet outside of the Dancefloor installation area must be clear during installing of LED Video Floor. L.E.D. Video Floors / DJ Extreme may require up to 5 20amp electrical circuits within 50ft of LED Video floor location. Cancellation of event within 3 calendar days of contract start time will require payment in full of above-mentioned Total amount due. first payment of amount listed as deposit required for all bookings.
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