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Get Up and Sing

DJ Extreme Karaoke service is available in two styles: traditional Karaoke and Jam Band Karaoke.

Traditional Karaoke features our library of over 100,000 tracks which continues to improve and grow monthly.

Jam Band Karaoke takes the traditional karaoke up several notches. It’s a unique style that lets you be the lead singer in your band. You can add live musicians to play guitar, horns, and percussion. This creates a layered effect on top of the original karaoke track which results an awesome live band feel.

One of our Awesome Karaoke Hosts, "Dani"
One of our Awesome Karaoke Hosts, “Dani”

Traditional Karaoke Service

  • Karaoke DJ / Karaoke Host
  • Karaoke Digital library
  • Sound system with wireless mics for all singers

Jam Band Karaoke

  • Karaoke DJ
  • Karaoke machine and library
  • Sound system
  • Musician(s)
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